141010: Ferrari driving business owner makes Extra… $5 Million in 8 Months!

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Hi guys, it’s JT the business rebel here, creator of the SWEET-SPOT-FORMULA that applies LOGICAL-INNOVATION to eliminate what’s holding you back…

Today I want to talk to you about a client:
A Ferrari Driving Business Owner Who Made An Extra $5 Million in 8 Months!

His name is Philip Murphy, the son of Dan Murphy (yes that liquor store chain that you visit every Friday!). Philip had 30 years business experience but hired me to extract more profit from his business and implement best practices.

Philip Murphy Wines & Spirits had 6 stores.

The Constraint? – what was holding him back?

He was stuck in his Paradigm – he couldn’t make changes because he was making faulty assumptions about his advertising company and how people choose and buy wine.

The Cost?
Weak positioning, No point of difference – he was advertising and selling just like their competitors and competing on price, so he was missing out on sales & profit.

The Logical-Innovation I applied?
I sacked his advertising company and found a new one, trained his store managers to ask logical questions and sell emotionally, changed manager’s meeting agenda and implemented outcome planning tools, created his “Mafia-Offer” (an offer that can’t be refused) and put it in his monthly catalog which was distributed to 200,000 houses.

The Result? Which was documented in written testimonial…
An extra $5 million in 8 months, he distributed his best catalog ever, he achieved (average) 33% sales increase across 6 stores, managers commented that they sold pallet loads of wine! Managers meetings were way more productive, managers achieved budgets more often and more easily, managers said they sold more of the products they wanted to sell, and the average dollar sales value increased dramatically.

The Real Benefit?
The owner (Philip), his managers and staff were more motivated, Philip had a best practices business that was sold to a public company and he went sailing on his yacht.

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JT – the business rebel.